Hacked on a perl script that will allow me to update the SNFC Website, the community, and the SNFC Mailing List with one email (thanks procmail).  Automated posting to Craigslist will be a bit trickier, and to be honest, I think I can settle for a two-part process every week as opposed to the 5-part process I use to have to deal with.

Stayed home on Tuesday, threw out my back (shoveling, I guess).  said I ruined Boston for him, but he might be happy to know that on Monday, after all that bitching, I not only found a parking space as soon as I returned to Boston, I got the very same space I shoveled out on Sunday/Monday.  I didn’t even “save the space” with a cone or a sawhorse (something I found out today is LEGAL, which sounds like total bullshit to me).

The commute in today took 2.5 hours, which is pretty out of hand.  I was pretty cool with it though, I couldn’t really do anything about it, and so I just listened to the radio/iPod and engaged autopilot.  Almost had like 3 cars hit me, but my stunt man background paid off and I avoided crashes.  Just as I was getting off of Soldier’s Field Road this Porsche SUV and a Minivan got into a bit of a tussle, I actually think they tapped fenders…  The uber-yuppie in the Porsche decided to try and sneak around the left of the minivan, when it clearly didn’t have enough space.  The minivan boxed the guy out, and the Porsche lost his shit and they started jockeying for position, etc.  It was fun to watch, but all they were really doing was slowing down my commute further and making it dangerous, so I intervened, pulling along side the minivan at an opportune point and blocking the Porsche behind us.  The minivan was quite pleased with this arrangement.  I left work early today so I could have a better chance of getting parking…  I hope it warms up just a little bit so some of this snow starts to melt.

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  1. Hmm, that’s interesting. I guess I’ll be all set if I ever move to Boston, since I still have those “Piso Mojado” (wet floor) cones from my dorm/the Names Road house.

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