Fun in Manhattan Beach

Saturday, and I dicked around in Palmdale, killing time (and screwing up rental cars) on Saturday, playing Burnout 3, until it was time to go meet up with in Manhattan Beach… We jumped in the (new) rental and drove down just past LA to Manhattan Beach. We had to park ridiculously far from AJs place, but we eventually got to his apartment. We immediately turned around and went to his favorite local bar for some imbibing. We set up shop by one of the pool tables, and started playing 8-ball… At some point, AJ called one of the girls in the place a “typical west-coast girl” (something he apparently has a penchant for doing). Anyway, this girl turned around after awhile and threw a few of her male friends (only one of which was at all intimidating) at AJ… It took awhile for all involved to defuse that situation, especially since we were all completely shitfaced, but no blows were thrown… I might have been shoved at some point, though, because I had a strange pain on my ribcage the next day.. Anyway, the drinking resumed until the bar closed and we returned to AJs (I passed out quickly)..

Matt and I were on wingman detail for AJ, which hopefully worked out well for him… His apartment is simply amazing… No two ways about it, there is something to be said about waking up on Sunday after a night of heavy drinking, without a hangover, and walking out on to the balcony and gazing at the beach and the Pacific… I don’t think I could live without a winter, but if I ever could afford two places….

3 thoughts on “Fun in Manhattan Beach

  1. Glad you had fun, man. You’re always welcome out here.

    Thanks for the wingman effort, but I haven’t heard from her since. I think that ship has sailed. On the fumes of my foul, foul ass. ;)

  2. Lucky for all of us that Roryk is doing all that research on regeneration, so that as you wipe out your brain cells with ETOH and the rest of us do the demylenation route…he will be there to help us all out, huh?? I think that it would definitely be a “slice of heaven to have a home that overlooked the ocean and was in close proximity to same!! Sounds like a good time was had by all…even Juan Paco!!!

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