Surprise Return to the East Coast

Our flight test scheduled for this week was cancelled, so we ended up returning today instead of Friday.  I didn’t mention this to , so she was rather surprised a few minutes ago… :)  It has been a long day…  I thought I had posted a bunch of pics from my phone but I guess they didn’t make it to LJ, so I will give that another try.  I came back to my Limited Edition “Twisp & Catsby” Print from Penny Arcade…  I guess I should have actually READ the description of what I bought, because it is MUCH bigger than I expected… :)  Not that this is a bad thing, it was a nice surprise… :)

I will be back with some more update posts, including a recap of our weekend misadventures with .

4 thoughts on “Surprise Return to the East Coast

  1. Hey!! Welcome back to “the dark side”…isn’t it great to flip thru the snow after all that sunshine??? Oh yeah, there was that rain though…ahhh..all day long I had people asking me if I “had seen the snow”..a- I have seen my share of snow in this lifetime, so it is not a 9th wonder of the world…and b- doesn’t anyone realize I work in a nut barn with no windows??? Oh yeah, you do…well, yes it is snowing here and those same morons felt the need to tell me to expect 2 feet on Sunday…uh huh..that would be the one day this week when I have no night coverage and will be expected to PLOW thru it??? Ugh, again…Meanwhile, I am glad to know you are safely back, and that it was a decent time overall…will call soon…meanwhile say hi for me!!!

  2. I was wondering if a wireless network card would work too? My modem over phone line in my Tivo series 1 Philips PTV300 wont download completely and I get no new guide info I can test connection and that works fine but it fails to do any downloads. I have no need to boost the factory hd so all I want to do add this wirelss card to it. So what do you think will it work? Dlink DWL-520+ Iknow I will have to couple the connections that’s easy, I just don’t know if it will communicate when I am done.

    1. I have no idea what post you are referring to… The one you replied to had nothing to do with Tivo, so I’m a little lost for context…

      That said, I think what you are looking for is here:

      Note, you not only have to buy the wireless card but the adapter to hook it up to the Tivo. Other than that, I have no experience doing wireless stuff with the Tivo, only wired networking, so I don’t think I can offer any more assistance.

      1. Thank you. This is waht I was wondering about and what this was in reference to was the work you did with the cavke / ethernet card.
        Nice work.
        Thanks again…Dave

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