Master Spelunker

Sorry, , this bout of spelunking wasn’t in the back yard, but instead in the basement.. asked me to bring back my stereo so we could have one in the bedroom, so I had to dig down through the strata of stuff to get to it… I took this opportunity to consolidate some of the boxes and retrieve some books I’ve been meaning to bring to work. It was a real pain in the ass, but it gave me the opportunity to get rid of some crap that I should have gotten rid of a long time ago (like a bunch of VHS tapes and the old 486 laptop that I haven’t used since the days of BeOS [as a debugging serial console]).

is out grabbing lunch from the bagel shop and bringing some back for me.. Her little doggie Oscar was freaking out for a bit but he seems to have mellowed… The little pansy is a total momma’s boy and can’t stand to be away from her.

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