Last night was the Goodrich SRS Holiday Extravaganza…  went with me, and we met up with and Michelle, as well as with many of my coworkers.  To be honest, it was kinda bogus…  It was like a wedding reception, complete with bad DJ.  It also doesn’t help that the mean age of my company is probably 55-60…  I did win a $100 AmEx Gift Cheque in a drawing, so I clearly can’t complain about that…  I just wish some of the other younger people (Garrett, Steve, the co-ops, etc) were there to even things out a bit…

We delivered a slow version of my project to the customer for a demo they are doing next week (the reason I was going to VA at one point, but I guess the customer changed their mind about having the vendors there).  They actually seemed happy with it, at least, happy enough for the demo…  But it’s going to take months for us to speed it up to proper levels, though, and so I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the end.

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