“Software Lead”

I have been assigned as “software lead” for my current project.  Now I feel like the captain of a sinking ship.  What really frustrates me is that I don’t view our problem as software problems, they are design problems (algorithms dreamed up by systems engineering, not software engineering)…  I’m sure I could tighten things up and make them a few ms faster, but really the problem needs an order of magnitude or two, not a few ms here or there….

Bought a few CDs today…  The new Deluxe Edition of “The Downward Spiral” and Kaada/Patton “Romances”…  I also successfully sold the Boston Pops tickets I had bought for for Christmas…  I screwed up and bought the tickets for the wrong day, and by the time I realized it it was too late, all the shows before she left had been sold out.  So saves the day and dropped by this evening to take them off my hands…  And here I was thinking I had crazy swerve coming up with an awesome xmas present…. :(

and Audra went to check out Ray but I just wasn’t feeling social tonight…  I stayed home and watched VH-1 crap pop-almanac shows and ordered expensive take-out via DiningIn.

13 thoughts on ““Software Lead”

  1. Did you get the DVD version or the SACD version? It’s annoying that they each have content exclusive to each one. :(

    And have you been able to hear any differences between TDS and TDS-DE? I personally think that the regular-audio version is identical… it’s even got badly placed chapter stops like the original release…

    1. Forget the Dualdisc… You don’t get the B-sides, and the videos on the Dualdisc will be available on the DVD of Closure that’s coming out in 2005.

      As far as the audio, I haven’t listened enough yet.

      1. good point… although… there’s a much better chance that i’ll own a DVD-A deck in the future than a SACD deck. heh.

        I guess i’ll just wait until someone has a bittorrent to a surround-mp3… I’m curious as to what the 5.1 mix sounds like… then again, I still have an analog Dolby Pro Logic system here at home.

        1. I watched PicturePages on Nickelodeon and it was always “Mortimer Icobod Marker” or “Icobod Marker” or some variation… I have no idea where Doo-Bee came from.. :P

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