My idea

As much as I’d love to let all these turncoat pussies who speak of moving to Canada just go, how’s about we make a deal?  Instead of Canada, move to Florida and Ohio…. :P

11 thoughts on “My idea

  1. Yes!

    That’s exactly what needs to happen. It’ll only get worse if people leave. Why do you think I registered in Texas and claim Texas state residency? They need the help more than MA.

  2. Or you could do something really out there and stop electing radical northeastern liberals in the primarys and actually select someone electable.

    1. This of course assumes that “you” are actually registered as a Democrat. And that “you” would rather see someone not Republican as President than someone you actually agree with.

    2. What does one actually have to do to be “electable”? Because now I see that snaring nearly 50% of the vote doesn’t qualify them.

      …Just some thoughts from a radical northeastern liberal.

        1. need to be able to snare more votes than the other guy.

          You mean like in 2000?

          “Electable” is entirely seperate from “Elected”. Obviously John Kerry was “Electable”, since he was a few hundred thousand votes away from winning the election.

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