F1 Boston

, , Michelle, and myself met up with at Kelly’s Roast Beef for lunch and then headed over to F1 Boston for some racing…  We did 4 races, two at each track, and I got better with each race, getting comfortable with the car and how far I could push it…  I came in 6th out of 8 the first two races, 5th out of 9 the third race, and 2nd out of 10 on the last.  I felt like I would have come in 1st the next race if we kept going…  I had a feel for the tracks and cars at that point, which was nice.

Tonight , , Michelle, and I are going to see Stephen Lynch tonight at the Orpheum…  We have great seats, pretty far up front, so it should be a good time!

7 thoughts on “F1 Boston

  1. F1 Boston sounds awesome. If I ever make it up there, I totally want to race :)

    Man, if I knew Stephen Lynch was on tour, I’d probably have tickets for his NJ show right now. It sucks that there are no 2-consecutive-seats available anymore :(

    F1, Stephen Lynch. You Bostonites are lucky.

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