Let Evel Knievel Get ON The Plane!

I never mentioned it here but I am in Dallas again this week to finish the work we weren’t able to do last time here (because the “receiving” company wasn’t ready for us). Left Boston around 2pm and arrived here in Dallas close to 8pm. It’s just Garrett and I again, but this time *I* got the rental car! And lent me an old laptop so I can use the hotel’s wireless and check mail and play poker on my downtime.

One of the reasons I didn’t mention this trip in my journal is because I was totally sick all weekend. I stayed in all day Saturday, and Sunday I stayed in until 5pm when I met Flip and Corinna (and a bunch of other SNFC’ers) to see “Team America: World Police”. Holy shit was that movie fantastic. The theme song makes me laugh whenever I think of it.

Every time I fly I want to listen to this George Carlin routine. I’m streaming it right now, have to remember to have it on the iPod for the times I need it.

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