4 thoughts on “Hey Kyle

  1. That’s crazy. When I take my guitar lessons, if the weather is nice, we sit outside. This year my teacher started feeding the local squirrels and now in Sept/Oct, they became so aggressive that I think they are a step away from jumping on you.

    It used to be that they would come close, but not too close and my teacher threw peanuts at the squirrels. They would quickly grab the nuts and run off. Now, they jump onto the table, look at you ackwardly, peak into the bowl that holds the peanuts, steal them from there and begin to eat them on the deck not more than 6 feet away!

    I had two squirrels fight over a peanut and run across my feet without care. Now they follow me as I show up to the lesson and yesterday I kneeled down on the path to her house where one of the black squirrels walked right up to me continuously and without hesitation (1 foot away), stood on its hind legs and then scurried between my legs, looking for possible peanuts.

    She has the most agressive, fattest squirrels in the neighborhood. They also have the thickest tails I ever saw on a squirrel.

  2. That is about the coolest thing I’ve ever heard!! Haha how awesome.

    I might be in Boston in a few weeks, I’ll make sure to make a special visit to the river to see the squirrels.

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