That’s Diving

Last night after work I had plans to meet up with Jon Whitney for dinner downtown, but that wasn’t until 6pm. I was planning on killing time at Newbury or something, but the sent an email asking for a ride home from work. She rode her bike to work in the rain and was soaked, and it was still pouring in the evening (actually, it’s still pouring now).. So instead of killing time at Newbury, I picked her up at Harvard and dropped her off at the apartment, still making it downtown right around 6pm. We ended up going to the Parish Cafe, which was fantastic (as always). I got the Steak & Blue sandwich, Jon got some steak dish… I was going to get a Jack & Coke, but I decided yesterday to boycott JD, and I don’t know a suitable replacement yet.

I finished downloading Seasons 1 and 2 of one of my favorite shows growing up: The Secret Life of Machines which was on Discovery for a while when i was in middle or high school… I have missed this show alot, and would buy a DVD set of the series in a heartbeat, but the Divx files I found are fairly high quality, digitized from VHS, and look good on my Divx DVD player. Nobody I’ve talked to in the past week or so seems to remember this show, am I the only one who watched it??? I also ordered Tim Hunkin’s new book, Hunkin’s Experiments, which should be an fun read..

I have been finding it harder and harder to find boxers with the “flat elastic” as opposed to the “bunchy elastic”… It seems that the only time I can find the flat elastic is on stupid-ass print boxers. Last night I tried to find some but gave up, and bought a pack of boxer briefs instead, as an experiment… I still think they look pansy, but whatever, I hate the bunchy elastic so much that if I can’t get boxers the way I want them I might have to change up. Briefs are out of the question, however.

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      1. I saw the new ones on the dresser this morning, so I tried one on out of curiosity. They were almost like cotton bike shorts except with a certain diaper-like quality due to the seams in the ass. They seemed ideal for yoga.

  1. I hear you! I LOVED SLoM! Come on, who can forget the episode about sewing machines where they “sewed” a huge piece of foam with people acting as the bobbin, needle, etc. That show rocked. I wish it was out on DVD.

    My TiVo caught some show called “The Secret Life of …” and I got very excited. But it turned out to be something else that wasn’t nearly as entertaining.

  2. I went through a very similar situation involving boxers about 6 months ago. I had this pair of boxers that I loved…they were Calvin Klien boxers. And they were sort of falling apart so I decided I need to find another pair…but due to the elastic (flat not bunched) and just the overall feel to them, I wanted to find the exact same style and brand.

    I looked around for quite a while and never found them anywhere!

    Finally I mentioned my ordeal to my friend Jim, and he said that I should check out Kaufmans. And low and behold there were some there…tho I had to buy them individually, not in a 2 pack like before.

    So maybe try a Kaufmans if you have that store there.

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