Testing to see if my old hiptop lj post script still works with my
hiptop2… Here is a picture:

Update: It actually worked! I then went back and modified the script to add height and width attributes to the img tag… Now I can post photos to my LJ directly from my phone. And now that my phone has a camera worth a damn (640×480) I might actually do that more often.

2 thoughts on “Test

    1. It’s-a-very-niiice..

      It is a hare longer, but much slimmer, the screen is now flush with the rest of the body when it is closed. The camera is now built in, with a flash, and is 640×480 (instead of 240×180 or whatever the old camera was). It has a built-in speakerphone, and the ringer and vibrate functiosn are much better (ringer is louder and clearer). It has picture caller id, if you are into that kind of thing… Has shoulder buttons now too, as well as external call/end buttons and volume buttons…. Way-nice.

      The radio is very much improved so I get 2-3 bars in places where I used to get 0-1 (like inside some buildings). My guess is that the hiptop2 will be a much better experience for RIT students for this reason alone. I haven’t had a dropped call yet…

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