I suck

I’ve been terrible about keeping my LJ up to date lately…  It seems like every post is some kind of “catch up” post…  Oh well, I can only do so much…

Friday night after work a bunch of us (including Garrett and ) went out to the Outback for food and drinks…  At some point we decided to converge on Garrett’s place and play some video games.  We played 4 player Mario Kart: Double Dash (which is amazingly fun) as well as 4 player Wario Ware, Inc: Mega Party Game$.  I had played both games before, with Matt actually, but I think this was the most fun I have had…  Mario Kart is pure awesomeness, and 4 players (2 on 2) just rocks…  Blue Sparks were had, but I was a pretty shitty driver (although since Friday I have continued to practice, so hopefully I won’t let Matt down so much).  Wario Ware is a cracked out game, and was the source of ‘s famous “jump rope game” slight against me.  Let it be said, that we did do 4 player jump rope at Garrett’s place, and we got to 50.  That is all.

Saturday I pretty much just hung around and loafed…  Corinna was doing homework at the library most of the day, so I just watched TV, played MK:DD, played FarCry (which I borrowed from Gary at work…  Verdict:  Eh…), and did some rad home improvement type stuff…  I put the drawer fronts on in the kitchen, as well as tidied up the “computer corner” and it’s rats nest of cables.  The rats nest is still there, it is just better hidden.  I also fixed up my TiVo.  I had gotten the replacement RAM earlier in the week, and installed it, but once I did the networking stopped working on the TiVo…  I got pissed and put the debugging off until the weekend.  It took a few hours to debug the problem, but I eventually got everything squared away…  And the TiVo/Cachecard makes such a bigger difference with the proper amount of RAM installed, I’ll have you know. :)  I also took the time to upgrade all of the hacks I have installed on the TiVo over the years (specifically Tivowebplus and a bunch of modules).

Sunday we saw THX-1138 with the SNFC..  I liked the movie, but most didn’t…  It was projected digitally, which was interesting…  I think I noticed a bit of artifacting at times (which I didn’t notice when I saw Episode II projected digitally), but I’m not sure if I was just imagining it…  Regardless, it looks beautiful, and I think digital projection will be the standard in a few years..

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