He’s such the man

I love Elvis Costello. On the back of his latest CD, right above the FBI warning, he says “This artist does not endorse the following warning.  The F.B.I. doesn’t have his home phone number and he hopes that they don’t have yours.”

3 thoughts on “He’s such the man

  1. Ok, I know this is off the topic of piracy, but shouldn’t the spine be on the other side of that image AND be rotated 180 degrees? If that image were actually in the bottom part of a CD case, the spine would either read opposite of the general standard OR the backcover would be upside down.

    Seriously, take out any CD case that you own and compare. It makes me question as to whether the image is actually real.

    Do you actually own the CD?

    1. I do not own the CD, but you are incorrect about the spine, and I have taken a picture to show this. You can see in the picture that the orientation of the main content panel as well as the spine are the same. I can show this with several other CDs as well.

      1. Oh yeah, I forgot that CDs had a extra flap that is opposite the spine. That’s what was confusing me…the spine would be on the right of the image, not the left.

        My bad…apologies all around. :)

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