WEFUNK radio

Yesterday was a rather gentle reintroduction to work after the holiday weekend. One of our new coops got his security clearance, so I was able to take him into our secure lab and show him “the good stuff” for the first time. This whole process takes quite awhile, so it was the perfect cure for the back to work blah’s. After work I headed over to casa de and for dinner… I was expecting Adam and to go and play poker, but I guess they didn’t feel like it… So we hung out, Adam cooked up some fish that ruled, and we headed over to Flattop Johnny’s for some 9-ball… I played Matt twice, Lost the first game, Won the second, I played Adam 3 times (for $5 a game) and won 2 times, and I tied rory 1-1 (again, for $5 a game).

When I got home I just chilled with watching TV and chilling out… A good day.

Again, I have more Gmail invites to give away, if anyone is looking.

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