Hey Sean, Wake Up

Apparently the entire time I have had the CacheCard installed in my TiVo I have been using incompatible RAM, so that my 512MB DIMM is only recognized as a 256MB one…    I guess I will have to order a replacement DIMM once Nick (creator of CacheCard) clues me into what to buy so I don’t make the same mistake twice (even though the RAM I ordered was found following a link off of the CacheCard FAQ, but whatever).  That RAM is like 30 bucks these days, so I can’t really complain too loudly, although it still sucks.

I’ve been packing up for my trip to Rochester tomorrow with .  We are leaving straight for Rochester after work (4:30pm or so), probably ending up there five or six hours later.  As protocol dictates, we will be heading directly to the mothership that is Nick’s. I would estimate around 10pm, but traffic and weather will truly dictate.  I am really psyched about Welcome Back,  as well as doing some Intro Sheets…

5 thoughts on “Hey Sean, Wake Up

  1. it’s too bad I won’t be there .. sounds like a lot of fun. this trip north has taken a lot of changes. I’m actually going to NJ instead!

    have fun!

  2. I have the CacheCard too, though my RAM works fine. I think I got mine from the FAQ, but I can check for you if you want and let you know what stick I have.

    Call me this weekend. I don’t know where you’re staying (seeing as we don’t have the hella phat pad anymore), but I have space and Jeff’s house does too (even though he’s not here until Saturday I believe). Nick’s sounds good tomorrow.

    Oh Intro Sheets, how I can’t wait to see thee.

    1. I believe that Gad and Jenn are staying with Jeff and I, but there is a single airbed, a couch and a poppazon cusion as yet un claimed. Just hollar if you need a place to crash.

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