Stephen Lynch

I bought 4 tickets to see comedian Stephen Lynch (with some other comedian guy opening) at the Orpheum theatre in November… They are orchestra tickets and only like 9 or so rows back, so it should be a good time.

I have another supply of Gmail invitations available… I have made previous Gmail posts friends-only, but since the response has always been minimal I guess I will open it up to “the public”. The first 5 people to respond to this (either via email or a comment) with your email address get accounts.

Update: That’s it for this round of Gmail invites, come again next time. :)

20 thoughts on “Stephen Lynch

        1. I actually had no idea, although I did stumble across the pix of your apartment a week or two ago….

          Next time I fly out to Palmdale for work we will have to try and get together.

  1. Um, a really sharp crumbly cheddar is always nice… But to name a true favorite, it is tough… Sometimes I am looking for something very mild, other times I am wanting stinky… But I can always bet happy with a good cheddar.

  2. I did set up an account, but my browser at work is not strong enough to support g-mail, and I have not had a chance to check it at home. my address is tatyana.graham @ you know the rest.

    1. So far 3/4 are taken, but I think the 4th one is for my girlfriend, although I haven’t asked her yet. You might just want to go ahead and get one on your own (they are far from sold out).

      Are you in the Boston area now?

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