What the hell?

So Alan Keyes is running for a Senate seat in Illinois? I am as weirded out by this news as I was when I heard that Hilary Clinton was running for the NY seat… There’s just something sketchy about running to represent a state you’ve never even lived in. It also seems kinda sad that the Illinois GOP needed to go out of state to find someone to run against Obama.

3 thoughts on “What the hell?

  1. It gets even more perverse when you consider Keyes’ (well-justified) criticism of Hilary’s carpetbagging. That he would let himself get roped into this is mind-boggling. He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell. Then again, he does love to hear himself talk, and he’s lost all his past races for Senate and the Presidency, so maybe this race is just for consistency.

  2. Works better for Senators than congressman because they actually have a district to represent. Once you get to the US senate they all have the same job description these days. Bring home the maximized slice of the federal pie.

  3. He railed against Hillary when she did it too. I don’t know why they decided this would be a good idea. I think even he admits this is a pretty stupid move and is only doing it to prove the point. I liked Keyes as a radio personality when I lived in Maryland, and voted for him in a couple of primaries, since I think he tends to be a much more libertarian republican than most others that make it into office. I think it’s a pretty dumbass move on someone’s part to pull this stunt now.

    Then again, they shouldn’t have forced Jack Ryan off the ticket in the first place.

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