Love and Marriage

Went back to NJ this weekend with for the wedding of and . We drove back Friday night, and didn’t do all that much until Saturday. Saturday, I assembled my new computer and built ‘s “new” computer from my leftover parts. Went relatively smoothly, even though there were some minor irritations. Saturday night my parents got Outback takeout to celebrate Corinna’s birthday, and afterwards we went over Johnny’s for some Trivial Pursuit. After we got back from TP, Corinna went to bed, and I went to Doom 3. Man is that game beautiful….

Sunday, Johnny and Chuck came over and we doled out the shopping list for Stellafane, which is next weekend. Corinna made fun of the fact it took so long for us to come up with the list, but we were also making sure we knew what equipment we needed, as well as just shooting the shit. Then they left and we proceeded to the wedding. Let it be known: Tanya and Tom (and their families) sure know how to throw a party. The wedding was beautiful, and I am still staggering over the amount of food there. I mean, sure, Tanya’s family is Italian, but still, everything from Pigs in a Blanket to Caviar? It was out of control The ceremony was very nice, and the Priest was very welcoming, which was nice. It was great to see old friends again, especially , who I haven’t seen since I graduated. was there as well, but I’ve seen him more recently at RIT, plus he is a spook now, so I don’t want to talk to him much. :)

Monday morning, Corinna was feeling the effects of the open bar, so we didn’t end up leaving Hopatcong until 2pm, which gave me plenty of time to play Doom. :) I had presented her with her birthday gift the night before when we got back from the wedding (since it was after midnight), so Monday we just went to dinner to celebrate. She kept flip-flopping as to where she wanted to go, and we ended up at Macaroni Grill, which was less-than-savory. I really think they have gone downhill from what I remember from years ago.

5 thoughts on “Love and Marriage

  1. What did you get the birthday girl?

    I agree that Macaroni Grill doesn’t seem to be as good now as it was when they first opened. I think I started to notice the change when the signs changed to Romano’s Macaroni Grill.

    1. I got her a 7-cup Cuisinart Food Processor… This was at her request, and not because I am some kind of misogynist “woman’s place is in the kitchen” kind of guy. :)

      I did feel a little guilty buying it though, because I wanted one more than she did. It’s like when I bought a computer game for my mom on Mother’s Day. :)

      1. Very cool. I asked Andy for a new vacuum cleaner for my birthday and he won’t buy it because he doesn’t want to be that misogynistic guy.

          1. He is a Girly Man for so many other reasons, let alone that.

            Er…wait…hold on…UH, don’t talk about my husband that way. He is a Manly Man, not a Girly Man.


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