Like the Louvre, but cooler

and I decided against going to the “secret screening” last night; I wouldn’t say we were “movied out”, but it was more we were tired from so many nights out this week. We stayed in and watched Pitch Black, which wasn’t bad at all (wasn’t great either, but it wasn’t bad). It definitely had the nice “Aliens Ripoff” feel, but so what, it’s not like Alien was wholly-original either.

After the movie, I spent some time fixing my photos, which are now back up. If you poke around it you will see a bunch of pictures I added late last week but forgot to mention, including a few of and slacklining, ‘s Graduation, and pictures of Corinna’s brother’s sculptures.

Sci-fi nerd-of-the-moment, Cory Doctorow, gave a talk at Microsoft about why DRM is a bad idea. It is a pretty good read, perhaps I will read some of his fiction now.

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