The Free Movie Showdown

On Tuesday and I saw a free preview screening of Napoleon Dynamite, and I just wrote up a review for next weeks Brainwashed Brain. Then yesterday we saw a free preview screening ofThe Terminal. Today I have two more passes to one of the Kendall’s “Secret Screenings”, but that might be a bit too much… We’ll see, it’s at 7pm so my mind may change when I get home. Corinna didn’t sound interested, especially since the movie is a “secret”…

Tomorrow we are going to see The Chronicles of Riddick with Audra. I haven’t seen Pitch Black, mostly because I think Vin Diesel is a tool, but I hear he plays D&D, so who knows.. Anyway, I have Pitch Black out from Netflix so maybe I will have a chance to watch it before tomorrow (another reason to consider skipping the screening tonight). Then again, Riddick is supposed to be a prequel, right, so I should survive not having seen the “first” film, no? Anyway, I have no positive expectations for this film, so I can only be correct or impressed. :)

2 thoughts on “The Free Movie Showdown

  1. Pitch Black is a really interesting sci-fi film. I love the feel that they give the planet… two suns, so each one has a very different colored light it gives off… the characters are flawed… (not plot-hole flawed, but they aren’t perfect… they make mistakes.)

    The only problem I have with the film is that there is absolutely no way that the planet could have evolved the way it did. period. But to be honest, I suspend disbelief and overlook that, because the rest of the film makes up for it.

    My feeling is that you won’t get an idea for what kind of person Riddick is since his character was introduced in Pitch Black; but then again, it looks like it’s going to be more of an action film than a thought-provoking work, so it probably won’t matter to see the other one first… but if you can, try to check it out… I think it’s pretty enjoyable and interesting… (if you can overlook the blatant flaw.)

  2. I wasn’t a huge fan of Pitch Black, which is unusual since I usually like crappy sci-fi. Maybe I was just in a bad mood that day, but I thought the whole thing was just plain stupid.

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