Strange Coincidences

On the way home from work yesterday I decided to stop by Micro Center and shop for a replacement DVD burner. My burner died a month or so ago (it started to destruct as I was backing up my MP3 archive), and was just going to stop by to see what they had. I kinda browsed around for awhile, and while I was doing so I ran into Maria, a “cousin” (daughter of my sister’s godmother) of mine that I haven’t seen in ages. She was attending Harvard the entire time I have lived in Boston, but I never got in touch with her. In fact, she was under the impression that I was still living back in NJ after losing my job, so she was really surprised to see me too! She was there with her Fiance, who’s name I’ve already forgotton, but he seemed like a really nice guy. She just got her Ph.D and is moving to Philly to do post doc work.

After that close encouter, I finished shopping. I ended up with a Sony DRU-700a Dual-Layer job, which supports both the DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) formats, so I don’t have to deal so much with the “proper media” nonsense anymore. Plus, when someone starts selling dual layer blanks I can burn them, which is great for making video DVDs.

On the way home from Micro Center I was driving down Western Ave. and thought I saw ‘s car. I examined closer and saw someone who looked a hell of a lot like in the passenger seat, and decided to do a quick u-turn and see if it was them. It was, apparently R’s car had been towed and he was liberating it from it’s oppressors. I chit-chatted with Matt a bit while Rory was turning over his life savings, and then continued to proceed home. Weird, weird day….

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