Professor Chaos

This past weekend and I trekked back to NJ to visit the family and meet the new addition to the family, Buster (a.k.a. “Butters”, a.k.a. “Professor Chaos”). The drive down was no big deal, we left Boston a bit before 6:30pm and didn’t really hit any significant traffic on the whole trip down. I was excited to see the Fam, and was home after graduation (and before moving down south to work), so it was cool to chill with her. moved out of the house this past week, having graduated from her Masters’ program and entering the real world with a job, so I only really saw her Saturday night.

Butters is ridiculously cute, and there are more pictures TK but I have yet to grab them off the camera yet. Saturday morning Corinna and I joined my dad on the Party Barge Regency Edition for a little cruise around the lake. We brought the puppy along to get him acclimated to being on the boat, since that is where my dad spends as much of his summer free time as he can (and rightfully so). The doggie seemed fine on the boat, only getting nervous when my dad slammed on the gas. Dad made a roast Saturday night for dinner and it was delicious as always… The house looks so nice now, with the renovated bathrooms and kitchen, but I’m still not used to it all… After dinner Saturday night Johnny and Casey came over and we ended up playing poker. I got really frustrated though, because nobody was paying attention and everyone was talking, etc. I guess we should have played some other game that I’m not so serious about….

Corinna and I took off on Sunday around 1:30pm (after I installed an Air Conditioner in the bedroom window for Mom) and made it back in Boston around 6pm. We then headed over to the Kendall Cinema to catch Saved! with the SNFC, which was pretty light but really enjoyable. Overall it was a fantastic weekend!

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  1. AC

    I think I found some brackets/screws to my air conditioner that you took…let me know and I can send them your way…

    P.S. “Butters” has mud butt!!!

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