Poker decision

After our trip to the ‘Woods I started putting alot of thought into my poker game. I have been kind of in a poker nexus for the past few months, straddling the line between someone who plays seriously and someone who just plays for fun. I determined that I really needed to pick a side and run with it, either playing to improve my strategy or just playing to play. I’ve decided to get serious about my strategy and poker education, so I consulted with and got a pep talk.

On Tuesday I played $4/8 Hold’Em at a home game in Cambridge. I think I was out of my league, but I managed to hold my own, coming out of the game up about 6 bucks after about 4 hours of play. I also took down the largest pot in the history of this home game, $219. Of course, with that data, my $6 profit looks pretty sad. But this game really gave me the motivation I needed to start studying and practicing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any intentions or delusions of going pro, or winning the World Series of Poker or anything like that. But I have decided to really hone my skills and learn the game properly. For too long I have had enough knowledge to be dangerous, and while my poker bankroll has been positive overall throughout the year I’ve been playing, there is a lot of luck involved in that.

Based on Rory’s advice, I ordered two books:

My plan is to study up, practice, then come out swinging.

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