Thanks , who is hooking me up with a free CacheCard for my Tivo, which should speed up lots of the program database functions by caching the entire program database on a 512MB DIMM.

5 thoughts on “Rad!

  1. Ooooooh. Let me know how installation goes and how much of a difference it makes. That’s something I want to do at some point….

  2. Any idea which version of the firmware it has? Pat Haney bought one of these, and ended up having to send it back for an upgrade because it would lose video/audio and wasn’t very stable in general.

    1. No idea yet but 9th tee mentioned this on their webpage and they have instructions on diagnosing if your Tivo will be incompatible and an exchange program for a newer model CacheCard that fixes the problem.

  3. That sucker really helps if you’ve got major storage in your TiVo. I have a pair of 200GB Seagates in mine, and without the CacheCard, the TiVo takes anywhere from 5-30 seconds to recover from a deleted show or other such menu actions.

    I ordered one early and got revision 2.0 I believe. It had sound/video issues, so I sent it back for the latest revision for free. 9th Tee actually had my card back in less than a week (from the day I shipped it mind you). So, even if you’ve got an earlier card, you’ll be fine.

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