I remember having a conversation with someone recently where they were mocking my fear of clowns. You can laugh all you want, but when I read articles like this I feel justified.

I pulled an unusual move this morning and hit the snooze button… Now, I don’t quite understand this but I got to work pretty much the same time as usual, even though I slept an extra 15 minutes. And on top of that, I felt like I was dragging a bit this morning, less Speedy Gonzales and more Sleep Dwarf. But whatever… I took out for dinner at Legal last night, which was nice. I got their Wild Salmon which was fantastic, but the Cheddar & Jalapeno polenta I got on the side was pretty crappy… The jalapenos were overwhelming and the whole thing kinda tasted like crappy nacho cheese from the movie theater.

I installed mfs_ftp onto the Tivo last night so I could pull some Good Eats episodes that had been building up on there. Since I used to do all of my Good Eats -> Divx processing on my PC, things have been building up on my Tivo. Now that I have tons of disk space available in the Mac I figured I would use it to free up some space on the Tivo.

4 thoughts on “Clowns

    1. I’m sure I could edit the mfs_ftp server (which is written in tcl), to do some rule-based archiving (assuming I had some always-on fileserver to archive it to). Have mfs_ftp running in the background, or via cron, and check to see the available programs. If any meet the rule then extract/upload them to the remote server.

  1. Do you do any commercial removal with your TiVo files? I need to start pulling episodes off my TiVo soon, even though I have 400GB of space, and start burning DVDs. I have no idea what software to use.

    1. Well, yes. I have edited all of the commercials out of my DivX good eats archive. My process is pretty simple these days, but it is all windows based:

      1. Extract video from Tivo with TyTool
      2. Use TMPGEnc to remove the commercials and convert the file to an AVI

      I’d love to get all this working under OSX, but I am just too lazy to do so as of yet.

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