Ok… Now I am getting burned out

I think this trip to Detroit coming up will be my last car trip for awhile… Or, at least my last weekend long dealie. I am just getting really burned out on travel and whatnot. Call me a homebody, but as much as I love seeing friends, etc, I also really enjoy being lazy in the apartment all weekend. :)

Got back from the Rochester trip around 1am last night, and managed to piss off by not calling to tell her I would be home so late. I thought I had mentioned to her that I was going to be late when I called on Saturday, but I was somewhat stunted and I guess I wasn’t very clear. I had a great time this weekend, but the trip to Rochester is such a killer… Corinna didn’t want to go to Rochester because of the trip to 8 Mile next weekend, thinking it was too much travel for such a short time period. She was right, I was wrong.

Adam and I unleashed a horrible menace upon this planet over the weekend. At the party on Saturday, it was determined that poker needed to be played, but we didn’t have any chips. Instead we played with alcohol. Let it be said that this abomination is pure evil and I personally apologize for its creation.

5 thoughts on “Ok… Now I am getting burned out

  1. You should always call your woman when travelling. We worry a lot about you guys being dead on side of road when not updated on arrival times, etc.

    And watch it with yo’ 8 Mile talkin’. I believe most of your time will be spent around 19 mile, 22 mile and something like -9 mile.

  2. Yeah, thanks for “Calumet Hold ‘Em.” Now that Kate thinks it’s a good idea, I’m sure she’ll be trying to convince other people to play…..

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