I’m a trifle deaf in this ear, try to speak a little louder next time

My left front speaker dropped out on the ride to work this morning, probably another bad connection in the wiring harness.. I guess I will have to take the dash apart again to fix it, I think this time I am just pulling the whole harness out and soldering the two sides together (of the harness, it came in two halves; one for the car’s connector and the other to fit the radio) instead of using butt connectors.

I’m going to Rochester this weekend, but the plans are terribly vague. All the detail I have is that we are leaving when gets home from work. I’m not even sure if we have secured a place to stay. One thing I do know, however, is that there will be Nick’s this weekend. :)

8 thoughts on “I’m a trifle deaf in this ear, try to speak a little louder next time

  1. My pal and friend

    The plans for tonight are to leave my place around 6:30 and arrive at Jeff/Kate/Pat’s place at 1amish. We’ve been told we can crash there but it is probably floor style, so bring what you need for that.

    Word to your moms / i came to drop bombs

    1. Re: My pal and friend

      Tonight you won’t be forced floor style. There’s a double bed, a couch, and two air mattresses available. Tomorrow the competition might be a little tougher, but you probably won’t care at that point either. :)

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