It was hot as rat balls last night in the apartment, but it finally started cooling off a bit around midnight so I could sleep (with the fan in the window). ‘s party last night was OK, but neither of us seemed to really fit in socially. I can be a social guy, but last night I just really wasn’t up for it I guess. Not to mention that it seemed everyone there was talking shop, and I don’t know much about being a librarian. :)

I installed Mono (a free-source implementation of .NET) last night and started hacking out some C# code… Seems pretty straightforward so far, although I can’t really play with any of the GUI stuff yet, as there are no native Mac widgets yet.. I guess I could if I used the GTK# gui code under X on the Mac, but that seems like a bit of a pain. If I get into the language, though, I might fuck around with it.

Tonight Corinna and I are going to Audra’s house for a breakfast dinner and to watch Ginger Snaps: Unleashed which should be fantastically awful.

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