First day in the new digs

Work moved to Chelmsford over the weekend, and just about everything made it to my cube. My garbage can was missing, but I just stole one from one of the co-ops. :) The new office is soooooo much nicer than the old one, although I liked the fact that in the old cube the overhead lighting above my cube was busted. :) My computer still seems to be in order, and I seem to have gotten a nicer keyboard along the way.

This weekend I seriously overextended my days… Friday I had a half-day because of the move, so I met up with in Alewife to go to Lanes & Games to check out their arcade room. It was pretty small, but they had a great Ms. Pac-Man machine, as well as a good selection of Pinball (Monopoly, Elvira, Twilight Zone, and a few others). They also had one of the nicest air hockey tables I have ever played on. Matt apparently played alot of Air Hockey while he was in NZ, so he trounced me at first, but once I broke the rust out it was pretty evenly matched. We also played table hockey (or whatever that foozball-like hockey game is called) and Matt completely owned me. After getting gamed out we bowled (10-pin, not candlepin, although L&G has both). I haven’t bowled in years, but I managed to do about as well as I always do (95 & 106, winning both games).

Matt and I also pulled off the Boston Full House on Friday, hitting up Krispy Kreme, Kelly’s Roast Beef, and Jamba Juice (Kings full of Jacks, KKKJJ) all in one trip. We also learned that KK and Kelly’s are way closer than we had ever imagined, so that was truly enlightening. That night we grabbed the Gamecube from my apartment and headed over to hang out with . It was decided that we had waited far too long to play Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, so we made a last-minute run to EB for Rory and Matt to buy new Gameboy Advance SP’s (even though they both already had “old school” GBAs), FF: CC, and the cables necessary to hook up the GBA to the GC. Then we stopped by the apartment again so I could get my GBA, and I looked like a huge dork to , who never really experienced my full-on video-game dorkiness. She was working on her final school assignment, so I had carte blanche to be a total dork.

Matt had to pick up his parents after we retrieved my GBA, so Rory and I played heads up NLHE for awhile so I could get my game back in gear. It took a little bit, but I was pretty happy with my play after a little while. Once Matt got back from Logan we started playing the game. Let’s just say that we played from midnight to 5am. Obviously, I slept alot of the day off on Saturday, but by the time Corinna got back from class I was awake. We went shopping and hung out all day. When Coco decided she was ready for bed, I decided to go over and Rory’s again to play CC. We played poker until 3am when Adam got back from his business trip and we played CC for an hour or so until the sun rose. Total freaking dork, am I.

Sunday night was the movie club, and we checked out Mayor of the Sunset Strip, which was really way cool.

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