Last night was work’s small poker game, which was fun as usual… They play a small $5 no-limit game every week, which is helping keep me sharp while I wait until i get some money to hop back in Adam and Rory’s game (which is more expensive these days). Anyway, I bled a bit of money, but it was mostly on blinds and a few unlucky hands, no real awful plays… I actually made some pretty good laydowns, imho. But the hand of the night was between Garrett and Aaron… There were two queens out, and my amazing read on Garrett (which was like 95% accurate last night) told me he boated it up. I don’t have a good read on Aaron yet, and he plays pretty erraticly, so I wasn’t sure if he had a boat or was an idiot. On the river, a third queen drops, and Garrett moves in. Aaron calls right away, and flips over the 4th queen… It was awesome.

I started copying the 100G of data off of the fileserver (morimoto) my parents brought up last weekend onto the Mac since I don’t really need a fileserver when I only have one person using the data… It made more sense in the apartment with , , and . But now it just seems silly to have to maintain that… So I am moving all the data to my workstation, and am putting the server in cold storage.. If anyone has a use for a Dual P2-350 box drop a line, I might sell it for the right offer.

Anyway, so I started copying that before I went to bed at 1am last night and it still had 30 minutes to go when I woke up at 7am. It amazes me that I am slinging around 100G of data… I remember slinging around 180k floppies on my C=64, or even cassettes on the PETs at school (or my dad’s Super-Board III).

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