You know when it’s June, and Christmas seems soooooo far away? And then all of the sudden life fast forwards 6 months and you’re drinking egg nog? When I saw these pictures I was just completely stunned. While the kitchen isn’t completely done (backsplash tile is on order and some random finishing work has to be done), it is a far, far cry from it’s initial state

5 thoughts on “Agape

    1. Well, they did 2 bathrooms (gutted completely and rebuilt) as well as the kitchen… The whole project started in mid-october…

      But there is a caveat: The guys working (Art & Joe) are family friends who happen to be in their 70s. They do great work, and we can trust them to leave them in our house without supervision, not to mention that they are giving us a good break.

      Art has to go for Kidney Dialysis every M,W, & F, so he only works until noon. They have some other site they work on during the weekends, so no progress happens at our place…

      That is why it is taking so long, although the kitchen has only been under the knife for about a month… But if you have some more able-bodied contractors it will probably go much faster.

  1. *drool* I’ve got to get me a kitchen like that. Mine screams 1986 condo. Granted, that’s because it’s a condo built in 86.

    These galleries have been a lot of fun to follow. Keep ’em coming.

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