Another Rainy Day

Man, it really has come down in buckets the past 24 hours! Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, the day didn’t end up anywhere near as awful as it started… I had a really great day, after work I grabbed from work and we went back to the apartment and changed into some dry clothes. After that she took me to the Sunset Cantina for dinner and margaritas (as well as a shot of some fantastic Cabo Wabo). They really are pretty serious about their agave there.

I finally got my replacement Hiptop from the insurance company. Back when I was returning to the apartment after my RedHat interview I was carrying too much and fumbled my phone and it fell onto concrete from like 5 or 6 feet up… Anyway, the only thing wrong with it was the scroll wheel button was busted, and since I had just added insurance to my account, I wanted to wait until 60 days had passed so I could pay the lower deductible ($35 vs $70). Anyway, lots of chaos and paperwork stalled the whole procedure, and I’m just glad the phone mostly worked (I can’t imagine dealing with these jackholes when my only phone was 0xDEADDEAD).

Tonight I am going to play some cheap poker with the guys from work. Hopefully I will take them down.

One thought on “Another Rainy Day

  1. So is that worse than 0xDEADBEEF? :)

    By the way, happy belated birthday. Glad to hear you had a good time. Man, I have to get my hands on some of that Wabo goodness.

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