Happy Birthday!

It’s time for my yearly tradition of wishing Christopher Walken a very happy birthday!

Today has kinda been crappy so far… I hit a bunch of traffic coming to work, I forgot both my badge and my lunch, and I have a headache and a queasy stomach…. Hopefully I will feel better as the day moves on.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. From the Linux Kernel Mailing List:


    I’ve noticed a bug in the fb system during boot. (I’m running a
    stock 2.6.4 kernel, with the newer of the two radeonfb drivers
    compiled in statically.) After the fb driver initializes, there
    is _never_ a boot logo featuring star of stage and screen,
    Mr. Christopher Walken.

    Included below is a patch to fix this issue. (gzip’d, ~24kb)


  2. Happy birthday you sly bastard(yay orkut brithday reminders), hope you feel better, hope to see you up here on the 17th, I know we are all looking forward to FUMN.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    According to my big book of birthdays, re: March 31 people

    – your strengths = tenacious, lucid, pragmatic
    – your weaknesses = repressed, frustrated, argumentative
    – you are a fighter who will get ahead no matter what
    – you are not cuddly, but you are affectionate in your own way
    – you like to eat, talk and socialize
    – you are prone to ulcers or high blood pressure
    – in addition to Christopher Walken, you share your day with:
    Rene Descartes, Franz Joseph Haydn, Nikolai Gogol, Cesar Chavez, Al Gore Jr, Gordie Howe, Liz Claiborne, Shirley Jones, Richard Chamberlain, Herb Alpert, James M. Nederlander, John Jakes, Leo Buscaglia, Rhea Perlman….what a combo!

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