I went over James’ tonight to check out his hyper-rad video projector he got recently. We watched Bad Taste on his wall, it rocked.

On the way out, his steps were really icy and I biffed hard, scraping my knuckles like a snowboarder, except instead of dragging them through snow, I was dragging them “through” brick. This sucks much more than snow, I’ll have you know. I slipped on the first step and landed on my back, sliding all the way down 6 or so steps to the bottom. I swear, as I slipped past each step, my head clunking, I heard the signature Looney Toons “falling down stairs” piano roll.

5 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. I scraped my knuckles the other week, after the bleeding stopped they didn’t hurt too bad. The worse part is that ever since then I forget about it when I knock on someone’s door, and that hurts like hell.

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