Friday Five

When was the last time you…

  1. …went to the doctor?
    A few years ago when gave me that crazy sore throat ninja.
  2. …went to the dentist?
    Just after I lost my job, so about a
    year ago.
  3. …filled your gas tank?
  4. …got enough sleep?
  5. …backed up your computer?
    • Powermac: I did a full homedir backup onto DVD-RW about two
      months ago, and do periodic backups of my homedir/documents to the
      fileserver every week or so. I guess it would be a good idea to do a new full
      backup, now wouldn’t it?
    • PC: I never really back this machine up, because I don’t really
      do any real work on it.. I play games, and do some TiVo video editing, but
      nothing that really needs constant backups.
    • CSH Homedir: Even though CSH does pretty much constant backups of
      its systems to the RIT Networker system, I still tar.bz2 up my homedir and
      copy it to my file server here. Call it paranoia, but I like to be in
      control of my backups.

    My fileserver is getting full, but with a job I should be able to buy some new diskspace for it. I plan on getting two 200G+ disks and run mirroring on them to replace the 100G of disk I have in there. Once that is in place, I will have a more automated backup process for my machines…

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