Wicked: The Musical

I have a copy of the book that I have yet to read, but many of my friends really enjoyed Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. While the meta-idea behind the book (retelling of a popular story from a different angle)doesn’t appeal to me, so many people have recommended the book to me that I decided to read it. Unfortunately, the book has sat on a shelf for over a year now.

There is a new broadway musical based on the book.

One thought on “Wicked: The Musical

  1. this is only slightly relevant, so I’ll share it with you :P

    I just finished reading Neil Gaiman’s collection of short stories (Smoke and Mirrors). anyway the last story in the book is a retelling of Snow White, from the queen’s point of view.

    Gaiman made it a lot creepier and I definitely like this perspective better.

    of course I don’t recall reading the original story, just seeing the Disney version.. so chances are the original story is also quite creepy, as many fairy tales tend to be.

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