Return of the Mack, er, King

Finally caught Return of the King last night with Johnny and Chuck. It was a long film, but in my opinion probably the best of the trilogy. Why do people stand up and walk to the back of the theatre before the credits roll? I can’t answer this question, but I do know that those people were punished during Return of the King, being forced to stand at the back of the theatre for 30 minutes, as the film had about 4 different “endings”, each tying up the plot of a particular set of characters.

Dad and I took a trip down to Sussex Meat Packing to spend what was left of a “Meat Gift Certificate” from last year. We got a few really nice looking shell steaks, some bacon, some sausage, and some taylor ham. We hoped to get a City Ham there for Christmas, but ended up having to go to the supermarket for that one.

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