Random stuff

It ended up taking me six hours to get back home last night. I was just completely drained by the time I finally did, but I am feeling better today. Aunt Kathy stopped by this evening to exchange gifts (note: exchange, not open) and it was good to see her. She drove down to Bernardsville to visit my Grandparents graves and stopped by here on the way back. She got stuck in some god-awful traffic jam, and so she could only stay here for a little bit before she had to continue on to Syracuse.

Dad and I installed some new switches in the master bathroom today. He wanted those fancy-looking low profile switches, and he also got a new switch for the fan that has this neat digital timer.

Was supposed to go see RotK tonight with Johnny, Chuck, and Calmie, but I guess John got sick, so we are postponing until possibly tomorrow. My dad bought some high-octane egg nog at the liquor store before, so I had better get out for some food before I imbibe. :)

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