I looked out a window onto the back yard today and noticed that what once was a set of stone steps magically transformed into a GIANT FUCKING CRATER. Jury is still out as to what caused this collapse, or what actually collapsed. Some phone conversation with my father, who hasn’t seen the crater yet, seemed to indicate that the septic tank is not below the collapsed area, so it must be some old structure under ground that is now history.

15 thoughts on “Crater

      1. City sewer will definitely be nice. Assuming your bark yard doesn’t smell extremely foul, you should be safe. I assume it doesn’t, since you managed to get 5 pictures taken.

  1. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s insane!!!!!!!!!!!! Those steps were my hide-away (well, not so hidden) when I was a kid! That’s ridiculous!

    And I hope as much as you do that Herm didn’t get hurt!

  2. Not likely that it was a sink hole, they usually fill with water after collapsing. It may have been an old cistern. I have also heard of things like that collapsing because the fill underneath had to much organic material in it and slowly rotted away.

    1. Agreed, but the only problem with the cistern theory is that the house is only ~50-60 years old… Doesn’t seem right timeline wise, I wouldn’t expect a house this “young” to have a cistern, but who knows. The water table is ridiculously high here because we basically live on the lake, so perhaps the cistern was put in for those reasons.

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