Not a drop to drink

I’ve got a sore throat, but I still haven’t decided if this cold is just starting or on it’s way out. I’m hoping the latter is the case.

I did a bunch of chores around the house today, as well as helped out some friends with christmas gifts. I also began putting up the exterior christmas lights, although some logistical problems got in the way of that. Regardless, I got the light-up christmas bear lit, and will put the rest of the exterior lights up tomorrow.

My parents wanted some wood pallets for when the new kitchen cabinets arrive next week. Our basement isn’t exactly “water tight”, so the pallets will keep the cabinets from being damaged by any water which finds its way into the garage. I went down to this distribution place that always has a sign up that says “free wood pallets”. They were apparently out of pallets today, but I will take a trip back tomorrow.

I am leaving for a trip to Boston on Friday morning, and will probably stay for Poker on Tuesday. Get in touch with me if you want to chill.

4 thoughts on “Not a drop to drink

  1. Rest up!

    Just be careful…I felt the same way Saturday night and woke up Sunday with the flu. I couldn’t move at all on Sunday. Now I have a nasty cough. So…make sure you rest up and try to kick it out of your system!!!

    1. Re: Rest up!

      Well, I’ve felt this sore throat coming on for a few days, so I’m pretty sure it’s just a good ol’ fashioned upper-respiratory thing.

      Good luck on your final!

      1. There’s an article in the Globe today about an 18-year boy who just died in Worcester… from the flu! they said it’s a really nasty strain, and one of the first symptoms is a sore throat. have you had chills or a fever?

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