I cranked up Xcode today and fixed a little aspect of iJournal that drove me crazy. Actually, fixed is a strong use of words, I hacked it to work the way I wanted… :)

I like tagging my entries myself. I wrap my paragraphs in <p></p> tags, thinking that if some day I bother to update my website and LJ styles to be standards compliant, at least a good number of my entries will be more compliant than if I let LJ insert <br /> tags for me. Anyway, in iJournal, if I selected “preformatted”, and also selected “reset after posting” (to reset my music, mood, and security settings). As part of its “reset after posting” protocol, iJournal would blow away the “preformatted” option, which usually meant that my next post would go up with tons of extra spacing until I realized and fixed it. So I chose NOT to use the “reset after posting” option, which had the side-effect of having the same mood/music settings for many posts until I noticed it. Either way you slice it this is a pretty annoying thing.

It took me months of this annoying me before I decided to undertake the herculean effort of changing that zero to a one in the “reset after posting” method. This whole time, I would start to fix it, then convince myself that I needed to find a more elegant way of solving the problem, which would sidetrack me for the rest of that evening, ending with me ultimately losing interest in the problem and resorting to lazyness. I convinced myself today that I wasn’t THAT interested in the problem, and just flipped the bit (actually, the code for resetting that stuff was implemented in two different places, so I changed it in both places. Dunno why this isn’t broken out into a seperate method).

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  1. I noticed that when I posted with Nuzz’s laptop using iJournal a week ago. iJournal had saved his mood from before, and I can easily see how that would annoy you as it most certainly annoyed me the one time I experienced it.

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