Christmas Tree 2003

My family is pretty serious about the Christmas holidays, and this includes finding the perfect tree each year. Yesterday, my mom, dad, and I ventured out to the Quick Farm in Great Meadows (real close to ‘s parents). As it is a bit early to actually take a cut tree home (it would dry out before the holidays, this farm allows you to tag your tree now (reserving the perfect tree while the pickin’s good) and have it cut down closer to Christmas. I made sure to take some pictures of the event.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree 2003

  1. We’ve gotten our trees there for a few years now. One year, though, the tree that we had tagged wasn’t there when we went to cut it down and bring it home, so we had to find another one amongst the leftovers.

    1. My mom would lose her shit if the tree wasn’t there. :) I can’t believe someone would fuck you over on a CHRISTMAS tree… That’s wrong.

      Anyway, we usually get our tree from Gnome Hollow, which has some deal like $40 for any tree, and they donate the entire amount to some children’s charity. But they were too barren this year and decided to wait it out a year or two to grow their population a bit more.

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