Vicarious Living

As much as I want to buy a new car, my budget (or lack thereof) pretty much eliminates this as an option. Fortunately, I have friends, and yesterday and today I was able to live vicariously through . He finally pulled the plug on his junker and decided to get a new car. He called me on Tuesday for a ride down to Denville where there are a string of dealerships. After haggling and failing with a few dealers we finally ended up at Hyundai. My family has bought two cars from this dealership in the past few years, so I knew that they weren’t particularly shady or anything. Plus my family and everyone I know has been satisfied with their Hyundai, so he gave them a swing.

After some negotiations they eventually came forward with a price that met Chuck’s needs on a 2004 Accent. It’s about as bear bones of a car as you can get (it’s only option is Air Conditioning) but it is the perfect car for his driving habits. Plus it’s cheap, efficient, and has enough pep to get around.

This morning we went back to the dealership to pick it up, and we caught breakfast (on him) on the way back at Victoria’s Diner (which is soon to be renamed to “Roxbury Diner”… A crappy change IMNSHO). The rest of the day I cleaned up my room, talked on the phone, and hid in my room to shield my family from my grumpy-ness as much as possible. I think I did a decent job, and now i’m feeling better, so hopefully after a good night’s sleep I won’t be mr. cranky anymore.

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