Even more poker on TV

Thanks to for pointing this out to me: Fox Sports Net is going to be showing a 6 hour poker tournament on Thanksgiving. What’s interesting is that they are televising the tournament the day after it takes place. I didn’t think I got the channel, but it turns out that you need a cable box in order to get it. I will have to hijack the family cable box or something that night so I can make DVDs of the tournament!

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  1. celebrity poker

    Bravo is starting a weekly show called “Celebrity Poker” on December 2. It will be sort of like World Poker Tour with the hole cards, except all the players will be celebrities. So you get to see how much all the celebrities suck at poker.

    1. Re: celebrity poker

      I knew this was “coming up”, but I wasn’t quite sure when it started. Thanks for the heads up.

      All this poker tv is going to keep me busy in my DVD making. I am just about finished with the DVDs of the 2003 WSOP and WPT, now I am going to have two more things to catalog, rip and burn. Thank god blank 4X DVD-Rs have sunk to about $1 a piece!

    1. Sure, as long as you supply the blank DVD-Rs. I currently have most of the World Poker Tour on DVD, as well as the 2003 WSOP… I expect this new tournament will take up about 2 DVD-Rs.

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