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Well, I’m getting situated here at home… It’s odd being here again, but it is of course very nice at the same time. A strange confluence of events today occured to make my life a living hell. First off, I sustained a back injury while walking around the house. I can’t imagine that this actually caused it, so my guess is that it was some latent injury sustained while moving and it just reared it’s ugly head when I was walking around the house. Later, I discovered that my TiVo had hosed itself and could no longer contact the mothership for service updates. Thinking this was a problem with the NIC I had installed, I hooked up the phone and had the same problem. I did lots of debugging before I realized that I needed to blow the entire drive image away and start from scratch. I had a backup of the drive from before I added the second drive, but it was a v2.5 image, and I was hoping to find a v3.0 image somewhere. I found one, but it was apparently incompatible with my hardware, so I wasted alot of time trying to get that to work. I also wasted alot of time with a drive with very confusing master/slave jumper settings (it has some funky action since it is a “large drive” [80GB]). So right now I have the original 30GB drive in there, which I restored my v2.5 image to, and am currently running through Guided Setup. I will let guided setup run through, and I will let it do it’s thing until it updates itself to v3.0. When that happens, I will take the drive out, make a new backup CD, and then install the second HD.

In better news, I ran the cat5 through the house today and setup the firewall/router, so I have net in my bedroom… It will probably take me awhile before I am properly situated in here, but I am always cozy here, so it doesn’t really matter how long it takes.

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