I hate moving

The car is all loaded save for some stuff I can take on my way to the car. I am writing my last entry from Boston for awhile.

Corinna left this morning… It took quite a bit of effort to keep myself together, but I managed to do so until after she got in the ‘vator. :) Last night’s poker was awesomely fun, a bunch of people came out to play, which was nice for my last game here for awhile. What’s also nice is that I almost doubled up, walking away with $15 more than I started with. I changed up my play quite a bit, and I was running the table for quite awhile…

I’m not exactly in a good mood, so I think that’s enough for this entry.

One thought on “I hate moving

  1. I was just thinking how I would have to rent a movie tonight or something so that I don’t get sad that you’re gone :) Any suggestions?

    p.s. – what motivated Bruce Springsteen to remake Pink Cadillac??

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