Went to see the dälek (pronounced dialect) show at T.T.’s with Jon last night, we got there early to interview dälek before the show for the Brainwashed Eye. Guys in the band were cool, and they were as good as always. Their DJ, “still”, is just mindblowing. I even got to chat with the frontman (who’s name “is” dälek) about NJ and Bertrand’s Island and Weird NJ (the band is from Newark). During the interview he mentioned that the bands name has nothing to do with Dr. Who, but added that they welcomed Dr. Who fans and didn’t have anything bad to say about the show. I’m glad that question was answered without being asked, because there is nothing lamer than bringing up Dr. Who in conversation. :P

After interviewing dälek, we went out to the floor for the opening band, Mu zok, which was OK, but nothing too interesting (poor-man’s Boards of Canada). After Mu Zok was finished, we talked with Octopus from dälek, who was super cool… We talked about both cool and geeky stuff (as the band had just switched to Macintoshes 3 days prior to the show). It’s really amazing how prevalent powerbooks are becoming on stage at a modern rock show. The unfortunate extreme of this, however, when a band consists of a couple of guys standing around on stage in front of powerbooks, but it is still an interesting phenonema.

Destructo Swarmbots, a guitar noise group (one guy) who was interesting, but would have probably been not-so-interesting if his set was longer than 15 minutes. dälek was up next, and blew the fucking doors off the place. It was an impressive crowd for a tuesday night, not quite full, but still pretty packed.

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