Rochester Still Sucks

I’ve been tying up loose ends here in Boston for a few days, which explains why I haven’t yet posted about my trip to Rochester. I left here around 10:30am on Friday and after a very uneventful trip arrived in Rochester around 5pm. I stopped up by CIS to see if anyone was floating around there and ran into Ol’ Man Bodie. We chatted it up for awhile and then he had a phone call so i left him and returned to my car. I drove over to Scoot’s for the Barbeque.

I arrived a bit early, so I helped out setting up the tablecloths. This involved lots of taping and retaping, but eventually everything was relatively windproofed. The barbeque was great, it was awesome getting to catch up with so many friends… It seems that it has gotten to the point where I only see most of these people once a year, so I really look forward to the barbeque each year. Oh yeah, that and the food. The food was completely outrageous, as always… I wish I had a big back yard so I could get a smoker and make pulled pork for every meal. I hung out at the barbeque until like 10:30pm, when I got really tired, so I left and went over Jared, Paul, and Joel’s house (Joel was MIA) to crash. Pictures of the Barbeque are here

I got over Jared’s and really didn’t do much crashing. We stayed up talking until 4am, which should have been expected since I hadn’t seen him in ages and hadn’t really had a good “catching up” session in much longer. I crashed on his super-comfy couch and slept until around noon on Saturday. The two of us went to DiBella’s for lunch and then we walked around the RIT campus. If you ignore the ugly-ass 60′ sculpture, the campus is becoming downright attractive. The school has done tons of landscaping and prettyifing, stuff I wish they had done while I was still attending the damn place. When this work is done perhaps the school will be a bit more enjoyable to attend.

We returned to Jared’s and he wasn’t feeling well, with a stomach ache and all, so we just kind of blobbed around chit-chatting for a few hours. He layed down in his room for awhile and I watched some television. While Jared was laying down I talked to Paul for awhile, which reaffirmed my notion that I should have hung out with him more when he lived on floor. I left for Jan’s party around 9pm, and had a ball there too. It was a pimps and ho’s party, so everyone was in costume. I aimed for a Harvey Keitel “Taxi Driver” pimp, but was a bit off due to being poor and not being able to afford all the costume I wanted. Another night of catching up with old friends was alot of fun, and I ended up leaving the party around 4am. Pictures here

When I got back to the apartment I was supposed to call Jared so he could let me in. I called and there was no answer, so I knocked on his bedroom window. Once again, no answer. I walked up to the front door and saw a note from Paul saying he took Jared to the emergency room at 3:30am! I called Paul and he said they were still waiting in the ER to be seen, and told me where a key was hidden. I let myself in and tried to sleep knowing Jared was in the hospital.

I woke up to an alarm around 9am and showered, shaved, etc. Paul was home but Jared wasn’t. At ~6am Paul left the hospital and Jared hadn’t been seen yet. I left Rochester without knowing if Jared was OK, which really sucked. I stopped by Syracuse on the way back to visit for a few hours. We grabbed lunch at Weggies and she showed me around her house which is finally looking like she lives there. I left Syracuse around 2pm and made it back in Boston at 7:20pm, just in the nick of time for the SNFC meeting which was at 7:30pm! We saw The Weather Underground which was really enjoyable. It’s hard for me to believe that such a significant radical group, one that detonated bombs in federal buildings, was completely ignored by my education to date.

I came home from the club meeting and the apartment was a mess, but I somewhat expected this as the boys went to Foxwoods to play some Poker. I really wish I had a job so i could have joined them, but so it goes.. They came back around midnight and they mostly had a good night. Matt was with them, and I ended up staying up with him until 3-4am because he is moving to Baltimore next weekend. I’m really going to miss him…

Update: I’m a shitbag for forgetting to mention this, but Jared is recovering nicely now after having his appendix removed. He is back in his apartment and healing up.

7 thoughts on “Rochester Still Sucks

    1. Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to put this in the post. I just added it as an update.

      Jared had his appendix removed, and is recovering fine in his apartment after the surgery. It’s funny because when we were chilling before the party, he said he had a pain in his abdomen and mentioned, half-jokingly, that maybe it was his appendix. He was spot-on.

  1. so….?

    So after the long diatribe about your weekend, you never explained why “Rochester Still Sucks” :)

    Unless it’s Rochesters fault for Jared’s unfortunate turn of events.

    1. Re: so….?

      I have felt the same way about Rochester since spending my first year there at RIT. There’s good food, some good people, and the Eastman house, but otherwise, the city has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

      If it wasn’t for CSH and my other friends in Rochester, I wouldn’t be returning there. In fact, if it wasn’t for CSH, I doubt I would have stayed at RIT to finish my degree; I’m fairly certain I would have gone elsewhere.

  2. I agree that if you ignore the sculpture the campus is looking very nice. I especially like the quad in front of 7B, that is exceptionally pretty.

    1. Oh…you mean that thing that looks like a 50 car pileup

      I think the thing is a perfect representation of RITs current administation. Directionless, fiscally irresponsible … “Gee…lets accept a money losing hotel property assuming a 14 million dollar debt and make it a dorm that no student wants to live in.”

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