Last night was Poker Night, which seems to have been rejuvenated now that some new “Poker Buddies” have come along. Adam, Matt, Rory, and myself were joined by Adam’s friends Eric and David, David’s friend Chad, Rory’s Friend Leo, and I think that’s it. We started playing .25/.50 Hold’Em around 8pm and finished playing around 12:30am. Eric and Leo had already checked out, and the remainder of us decided to cash out and buy in for a new $3 No Limit game. I had broken even on the Limit game, and after an hour of play, Adam, David, and Chad had busted out of the new game and had started their own side game. Matt was next, and then Rory and I went at it head up for more than an hour. The blinds doubled twice while we played, and we were sitting on about the same amount of money. Rory proposed to call it a draw and split the pot, and I agreed. So the two of us walked away with $9 (which was $6 after you subtract my $3 buy-in).

So I made $6 for the night, which isn’t too lucrative, but I really used the night to test some strategies playing against different people. I don’t think any of my strategies were that profitable, but I want to talk to Rory later to get his take.

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